Dec 13, 2012

Scientific Workplace and it's 'Style Editor'

Last update: 2/25/2013

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  Style Editor enables ones to add styles to your TEX typesetting document by simply bushing buttons, much like what you did in MS Words. You highlight your text or paragraphs and push tool buttons ( can be multiple) on your tool bar to add decorations. So you don't need to type TEX commands every time you want a different style. I believe Style Editor serves this purpose by creating another file called *.sty file and by inserting flags in the original tex files. When SWP compiles the .tex file and reads a flag it will detour to the .sty file where the real formats are saved and apply them. Not super sure about this but we don't really need to know anyway. (If you want to know more - >

Nov 28, 2012

How hard is it to drive a F1 car?

From an onboard camera, this shows the start of a F1 race from the driver's aspect. You can sort of feel the subtle reaction of the car when the driver works on tires before the start of the race. Try to feel the surrounding environment passing by and you will get a scene of how fast the car is flying! Also from this film you can kind of feel the G force from acceleration and corning!


Nov 13, 2012

Mapping LA neighborhood from LA TIMES

Nov 9, 2012

Scientific Workplace + Endnote Tricks

Last update 2/13/2013

Share some recent discoveries with the software Scientific Workplace 5.0
  1. To work with Endnote. - this includes adding a 'Label' to the bib file using a convenient small Matlab function and in the Endnote the export 'bibtex style' you can remove the unwanted fields (like the 'note' field) that you don't want it to appreare in the typesetting bibliography library.
 Alright it is time to give the full story. Sorry for the late reply :p! Anyway. I don't know if bibDB in SWP(scientific workplace) fixed this problem yet. If not, then I guess it is still useful for me to write this down for those people fighting with this problem. If they did fix it, that's even better. Actually after I checked Mackichan website I found this written in 2006, which means they haven't fix it or it is still not a complete solution. So I think my post will still be useful.

Nov 8, 2012

Jun 30, 2012



  • 以Matlab寫成
  • 於研究所期間與實驗室夥伴共同發展而成。

This is a mass spectrum analyzing program specially tailored to conveniently analyze spectrum data with groups of mass peaks that are equally spaced in mass. For example if you have a mass spectrum of N molecules of water, (H2O)_N, with N can be from 1~200, then you might want to consider trying out this program. It takes advantages of this equally-spaced nature of mass peaks and automates statistical analysis or fitting procedure from one peak to another (peak-by-peak). So you don’t need to analyze the above mentioned water mass spectra individually from N = 1 to 200. One of many useful features is it can also deal with time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectra where the equally-spaced peaks in mass is measured with a TOF mass spectrometer and you have output data mass peaks that are non-uniformly spaced. In this case the conversion from time to mass unit can be calibrated in the program by a innovative fitting procedure (also automated).

Full article's at:

Mar 1, 2012

Wire mesh grid simulation in Simion

Tof + voltage deflector + Einzel lens.
Elements are intentially placed closer to each other to let see the finer details of the elements.


We want to compare the differences in electric field distortion between wire mesh plates and single-hole plates as voltage plates in our TOF mass spectrometer. The electric field can be simulated a program called Simion.

Ions accelerated by hole plates suffers a focusing effect (beam expansion):

Ions accelerated by mesh grid wires has 'less' focusing effect (trajectories are more parallel):

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Tof acceleration plates plus a voltage deflector, for steering the direction of the ion beam.
Another view.

Fine grid voltage mesh simulation, CF a hole voltage plate.

Potential contour details showing the distortions of electric field near the fine metal wires:
The vertical lines are the ions coming from top. Horizontal contours are the potential energy lines.

Simion 7 3D problems:
1. Directories in C:/Documents and settings/The One/ are not listed completely in directory tree window, even after the scan action performs. There is a warning on top of the file manage window saying "Warning, files nested too deep". Did not find a cure in the manual in the first try. Hope someone can help.

Jan 26, 2012

does formula one driver lie flat on their back when they race? no kidding..

Check this out. This is how they look like when they are driving in a F1 car.